6 – 9 September 2021


Innovation for a sustainable future.

As governments and nations reset, re-evaluate and reposition themselves for a future post-COVID, innovation has become more the technologies to survive through times of crisis.


This year’s Festival of Innovation will focus on the applications governments are implementing now to build a resilient and sustainable future past the pandemic.

in 2020

"We need events like this, we need to convene these different countries and experts to move forward together.”

Jonathan wong

Chief of technology & Innovation, unescap

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GovInsider’s Festival of Innovation puts innovation into action.

Through a series of experiential sessions, interactive debates, and high-level presentations, our content gives public sector innovators exclusive access to the discussions, strategies and cutting-edge technologies needed to build future-ready nations and citizens. 

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Amanda Oon
Content Editor
Rane Tan
Partnerships Manager
Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities